Dan's Piano Jazz
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This site is still under construction...and will be under construction
for some time. I am slowly learning mixing and mastering for Pro
Tools (recording software) which is a fairly time consuming task.
After working with Pro Tools I hope to be able to post some better
and more decent sounding solo piano recordings. This will include
interpretations/arrangements of Jazz standard tunes as well as pieces
that I have written.

Right now there is only one recording of myself playing. That is,
"Time Remembered" written by the late Bill Evans. I recorded this
piece about 5 years ago and since then have continued to practice. I
feel that I have come quite a distance with the piano since then.

I have “Time Remembered” on the site for testing as I continue to
code and design different website elements such as the embedded
audio player and the keyboard graphic. As time goes on I will
continue to add recordings to the list.

Thanks for listening....